Electric sheet metal bending machine JESAN XOCR 2000/2 EK

  • The bending machine works in manual or automatic mode
  • In manual mode the individual clamping and bending steps are triggered by the operator
  • In automatic mode the workpiece fluently bends to the set angle and the clamp returns to starting position
  • The bending angle is set using a rotary potentiometer; the desired bending angle is set at the angular degree

Special accessories

  • Various shapes of rulers
  • Bending bars of your choice
  • Segment bars


  • Weight 3200 kg
  • Model XOCR 2000/2 EK
  • Electric power 400/230 V
  • Working range 2030 mm
  • Sheet thickness 2 mm
  • Maximum bending angle 135
  • The bending clamp is adjustable 50 mm