CNC milling machine MultiCam Series 3000

The extremely rigid frame welded from steel plates into a single block and steel arm ensure maximum rigidity of the structure, enabling the production of large parts while maintaining small space requirements for machine placement.


  • Automatic machine calibration
  • High-frequency spindles 2.2–8.1 kW
  • User friendly interface
  • Very fast 3-axis control system
  • Precision dual X-axis drive
  • Travel speed of 720 mm/s
  • Cast spring dust collector
  • 25 mm high linear guideway for maximum rigidity
  • 12 MB memory with unlimited data transfer capability
  • Ethernet and RS232 connection


  • Formats metal, plastic, wood, foam, leather, cork, cardboard, textile and film
  • up to an area of 310 x 210 cm
  • material max thickness 15 cm

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