Obstacles and targets

We offer a variety of obstacles that you will not get bored with during training, and you are sure to appreciate them. Thanks to the possibility of placing them wherever you please, you can practice different shots. 

The natural appearance and functionality of the obstacles is ensured by very durable PVC pine needles designed for outdoor use.

The obstacles have a duralumin frame with excellent strength, low weight and a virtually unlimited service life without the need for protective coatings.

Our PVC pine mesh ensures that the ball does not inadvertently rebound from the obstacle, keeping the players safe.

High shots won't work here. A practiced low chip under the branches is what you need. We left some distance between the apple tree branches for the lucky ones. Technology of coated aluminum frame with PVC pine needles.

The flat design of the products does not place excessive demands on storage space.

We can also make atypical custom test tees.

We have over 1200 tree and shrub shapes in our database. We can adapt the size to the layout of your training area.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing artificial pine needles. Their service life is very long. We try to visually imitate the surface of a live tree or shrub. Product quality is ensured by professional staff. 

Our training golf obstacles are patented. Their copying is prohibited.

Production takes place in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. We have been manufacturing dural structures and artificial pine needles since 1992.

If you are interested in our globally unprecedented offer, that is our greatest reward.

We can create free, non-binding graphic designs of obstacles for your green, including a price quote.

If you place an order, you will automatically become the owner of the given design. We can also place an ad on the obstacles.

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