LED Public lighting

We give light the right direction

Advantages of using LED lights

  • They are about 10 times more efficient (luminosity/power) than incandescent light bulbs, and about 2 times more efficient than fluorescent light bulbs (latest lights over 100 lm/W)
  • They can emit light in the desired color without the use of complex color filters
  • Their case can be designed to concentrate light on a particular place
  • In devices where you need the "dimming" function, they do not change color when the power supply is reduced, unlike incandescent bulbs that emit more yellow light when the power is reduced
  • They are resistant to shock and vibration
  • They are resistant to cold
  • They are ideally suited for use in devices that are switched on and off frequently, unlike incandescent light bulbs, especially halogen bulbs, which can easily burn out when switched on and off frequently; light bulbs in which one of the filaments burns out are very susceptible to this
  • They have an extremely long service life
  • The most common cause of their failure is a gradual loss of brightness, unlike incandescent bulbs, in which the filament most often breaks
  • They light up very quickly; the typical red LED indicator lights up in microseconds